In case you missed it here’s an early recording of: VA+ with Autodesk presents: LIVE WEBINAR Preparing Schools for In-Person Learning during COVID-19 October, 13 2020 1:00PM – 2:00PM (ET) 11am-noon (MT)

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In case you missed it here’s an early recording of: VA+  presenting at 11am MT, Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 with Autodesk!

VA+ is the BIM consulting division of Vertical Arts, a Colorado design firm with offices in Denver, Steamboat Springs and Edwards.  We are currently assisting UniversityPrep, an elementary school within Denver Public Schools, as they make preparations for in-person instruction.  We have spent several weeks developing tools and workflows centered around pdf floor plans, CAD files, BIM files and mobility simulation software.

In this process we have helped them evaluate:

  1. Safer classrooms
    1. Showed classroom layouts with various circulation and social distancing standards to help them determine how many students per classroom they could have while meeting current safety standards.
  2. Safer circulation
    1. Designed circulation to be one-way and not cross cohorts.
  3. Safer arrivals and dismissals
    1. Using classroom loads and safer circulation we helped them evaluate the best number of entrances to use for arrivals and dismissals.
      1. Simulated flow to find potentially unsafe circulation and other social distancing challenges.
      2. Evaluated the need and benefit for staggered arrivals and dismissals.
  • Provided a framework for staffing demand and special logistic communication needs (walkie-talkie channels)
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