Solar Panel Family- Parametric Array

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Most Revit users know you can use an array to quickly populate families in your model; but did you know you could use parameters to drive the conditions of an array in a family?


Imagine a ladder; the rungs are all evenly spaced, and they reach the top of the ladder. If the ladder gets taller, more rungs need to be added to reach the top. In a Revit family, we can use an array to create the rungs and then we can write a formula which would drive the number of rungs on the ladder based on the overall height of the ladder.

#Rungs= Ladder Height/ Rung Spacing

Now, when we increase the overall height of the ladder, the formula dictates that the number of rungs will also increase.


VA+ recently developed a solar panel array family which used the parametric array methodology to populate as many solar panels (size of panels is type defined here) as will fit in a designated array length. This family also contained an additional parametric array, that would place legs at the intersection of all panels. Additional parameters are added to equalize the remaining space at the beginning and the end of the array.

This tool allows designers to populate a solar array very quickly on a roof based on specific panel dimensions.



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