VA+ COVID-19 Mobility Simulation Basics Tutorial

 In COVID-19 response

Check out our latest tutorial on Autodesk Mobility Simulation featured in the recent RoMBIS lunch webinar, focusing on strategies for safer in-person learning, and how BIM tools can help administrators plan for COVID-19 restrictions, and test strategies to ensure that guidelines are able to be met.

Our mobility simulation basics tutorial is a crash course in this powerful Autodesk tool; walking you through the steps to create a basic simulation. This tutorial will show you how to navigate in the program, how to set up a basic network for pedestrian transit, and how to set up parameters and demands to get a functioning simulation.


The goal is for the mobility simulation basics tutorial to provide a foothold for other architects and designers to be able to take advantage of this tool and bring the power of mobility simulation to your clients!


Be sure to catch our upcoming webinar on October 13th!

VA+ with Autodesk presents: LIVE WEBINAR Preparing Schools for In-Person Learning during COVID-19 October, 13 2020 1:00PM – 2:00PM (ET) 11am-noon (MT)

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