VA+ featured in Autodesk’s Webinar Series: 4 Ways to Adapt Building Design for Safety Following Covid-19 this Thursday at 11am MT!

 In COVID-19 response

Come join VA+ as we participate in Autodesk’s webinar series:  4 Ways to Adapt Building Design for Safety Following Covid-19

We will demonstrate our use of Auotdesk’s Infraworks Mobility Simulator while helping local schools evaluate their plans to re-open safely this fall.

Register by clicking here today!

Per Autodesk:

In a matter of weeks, design requirements have drastically changed, and it is likely that you are contemplating the best strategy on how to adapt and move your business forward. We have created a four-part webinar series that will explore today’s insights for a more resilient and flexible future.

This series will cover a span of topics to include:

  • Mobility simulation – how will people will move about your space and between buildings maintaining social distance;
  • Airflow movement and pathogen tracing to ensure a safe indoor environment;
  • AIA, CDC, and OSHA guideline checklists which will ensure tasks are met upon re-opening;
  • How to equip your facilities and maintenance team with mobile tools to ensure the cleanliness of buildings meet recommended guidelines;
  • The process of taking inventory, organizing, and tracking newly required PPE throughout your facilities.

Re-opening and operating facilities in today’s current events is challenging, but this webinar series will help you make the transition easier, all while remaining safe.




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