VA+ has developed many as-built models for clients, based on a wide variety of resources. We factor in the accuracy of the resources available as well as the type of resource to anticipate the time it will take to model, as well as the reliability of information within the model.

Sources of Information (READ MORE)

Since as-built information is commonly assembled from different contradicting sources of information, (especially when there are multiple drawings sets ranging a long span of time and many alterations, or if the information is incomplete.) VA+ assembles QC views within the models which create a road map through the model of where the information was sourced from, what assumptions were made, and any other important information to the as-built model.


Flexible Modeling (READ MORE)

We work directly with our clients at the beginning of the project to define scope, determine the model needs to direct our effort more effectively, and discuss modeling strategies. Understanding that these models are often used for future projects, we model elements in as flexible a manner as possible, and implementing parameters and parametric families to allow designers to make adjustments to the model as new information is received, and quickly develop the model as they begin to implement the new design.