Custom families and content tailored to project needs

Every VA+ team member has extensive experience creating and editing custom families for the projects we work on. We have developed many families that are tailored to the demands of each situation and the functionality required to properly illustrate that condition. These custom families range from complex geometry to parametric capabilities to information inputs and parameters, all to adapt to a wide range of conditions.

VA+ Custom Families - Example Sinks
VA+ Custom Families - Example Revolving Door
VA+ Custom Families - Example Workstation
Furniture, Fixtures & More (READ MORE)

We can build custom families for your specifications, from furniture, doors, and hardware, to fixtures, assemblies, equipment, and more. We can also modify existing families to make them parametric, or to suit special conditions or considerations.




VA+ Custom Families - Example Enclosure Unit - Jarir
Parametric Enclosure Families (READ MORE)

We can model custom façade families for your project as parametric families that can be scheduled and manipulated as true BIM elements.


VA+ Custom Families - Example Detail Components
2D Detail Components (READ MORE)

We can make 2D detail drawings into parametric detail families, allowing higher flexibility and more robust BIM integration of 2D content.