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VA+ is familiar with the challenges of modeling site components, hard or soft scapes. We have experience with toposurfaces and complex floor slabs. Coordinating grading from Civil and Landscape consultants is a critical component of any design and we have helped many teams with this scope.

VA+ Site/Topography
Residential Site Modeling (Read More)

VA+ has assisted on site modeling for several residential projects.

Residential site modeling has a number of challenges such as balancing cut and fill, coordinating Site and Landscape consultant’s information, and modeling in a way which is graphically correct, and reduces modeling time.

VA+ Site/ Topography Modeling                   

Retaining Walls, Custom Features & Families (Read More)

We can apply a variety of approaches to modeling site hardscapes with flexible levels of detail, from simple to complex and parametric. We can meet your project’s needs with custom families allowing for bespoke outdoor features such as decorative retaining walls.

VA+ Site/Topography

Urban & Tower Site Modeling (Read More)

VA+ has extensive experience with handling the unique challenges presented for modeling the sites of campuses to supertall projects. We use a variety of methods to correctly model elements below grade with defined site features above, to accurately capture design intent.