Campus projects have many complications when it comes to setting up and developing the model such as managing shared coordinate systems, and managing shared resources of the project including details, families, and graphic, and modeling standards.

VA+ has developed many CUSTOM WORKFLOWS AND QC PROCESSES which address these commonly faced problems. VA+ excels at coordination between architectural teams working in different areas of the project, resulting in more accurate, more consistent deliverables throughout the course of the project.

VA+ Guiyang World Trade Center - Rendering by SOM
Multiple Models and Model Set up (READ MORE)

MULTIPLE MODELS are used to help contain scopes of work and keep working files manageable and efficient. VA+ utilizes workflows and model setup structures which help to organize the project deliverables and keep the project easy to navigate and understand.

Standards Consistency and Container Files (READ MORE)

It can be very difficult to ensure CONSISTENCY IN STANDARDS and details when dealing with multiple models in one project. Container files and other strategies have been used to effectively share resources such as families, details, templates, and other items between models in the project.