Location: HUAFA HENGQIN BAY, China

VA+ was brought onto this project after the 100% SD submission to transition the project from CAD to BIM. We used the pdf document set as well as the base CAD files to begin the model and build it up to the previous level of development; also matching the client’s graphics standards. Once we had developed a functioning BIM model brought up to the most updated design level, we began to work directly with our clients in the model. We act as an extension of our client’s production team, helping team members understand the modeling techniques and BIM workflows used, and working with team members to develop strategies and workflows for future tasks.

VA+ Huafa - Rendering by SOM

VA+ served as BIM modelers, and managers in this project, being responsible for implementing and maintaining standards within the model and informing team members of the workflows required to meet these standards. VA+ was responsible for starting the project files and developing a model organization strategy which met the needs of the project and was understood by all team members.

In addition to management, VA+ also served as the primary production force for the project, developing all the modeled content in the project. We worked alongside our client’s team, to develop the model from SD to DD, utilizing a cloud-based review cycle, which allows us to seamlessly post progress and receive new directions and feedback from the team.

VA+ Pertamina - Rendering by SOMVA+ Hytera -Rendering by SOM