Urban Street

Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA

Multifamily development consisting of duplexes, triplexes, and townhomes.  VA+ assisted with the production of marketing drawings for real estate brochures from models.

VA+ Urban Street - Rendering by Vertical Arts
Efficient Models and Site Coordination (READ MORE)

VA+ created a master detail model for use with multiple buildings and construction sets.

VA+ was able to set up and manage the four building types so each could be used multiple times on the site and produce individual construction documents for issuance.  The type models worked in such a manner that revisions to individual buildings could be efficiently done and would translate to all buildings of the same type without additional modeling.

The site was created as a separate model and linked into each building to support the required design and documentation as significant grading changes occurred over the property.  The site model was used for technical drawings and photo realistic renderings.