VA+ has assisted numerous firms with their multi-family project needs across the US.


Multi-family projects typically include many challenges for designers, BIM consultants and project managers. Often this involves multiple buildings or units which have shared assets, and effectively coordinating modeling and graphic standards can be time consuming and difficult.

VA+ Multi-Family
Schematic Design (READ MORE)

Often a critical development of the schematic phase of the project are initial feasibility studies that pit zoning and governmental constraints and targets against proforma development for determining market viability that require quick turnarounds on massing and area studies. Illustrating site and building relationships through massing, setbacks, bulk planes, and property lines are required.


Design Development and Construction Documents (READ MORE)

As the design develops keeping key design elements consistent and clearly documented becomes the focus.  Confirming unit mix, unit counts, parking counts, as well as code / life safety requirements are being met must also be developed and documented.


Clear and organized documentation of details are a top priority of BIM consultants, product and material types that support detailing and specification efforts that often rapidly change as value engineering efforts wrap up and permit targets come into view.