Overseeing model health and functionality to ensure an organized and quality product

VA+ has worked on several projects acting in the role of BIM MANAGER, helping project team members become acquainted with BIM and implementing it into their projects in an EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE WAY.

VA+ BIM Management
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  • Delivering Building Information Models that are customized for your clients /alternate users such as Owners and Contractors
    • Facility models
    • Maintenance models
    • Federated models
    • Presentation models

VA+ develops QA/QC workflows to increase consistency and conformance with design intent through pattern recognition and semi-automated toolsets.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve and communicate their designs by assisting them with the production of high-quality deliverables, such as Building Information Models, and contract documents.  We combine the appropriate quality assurance measures from our typical operations with your existing quality assurance procedures to set standards and targets for our work.   We ensure quality output by implementing quality control using QC views. These views allow us to illustrate a wide range of information in a concise and understandable manner, helping to illustrate design intent is met. Consistency of output is increased, as well as achieving a deeper understanding of the design and content within the model.  We also utilize checklists to confirm and demonstrate compliance with standards.  Lastly, our workflows adhere to QA standards that confirm outputs and workflow meet your needs with clear ability to show history of progress and communications.

Structural Coordination (READ MORE)

We have experience coordinating Architectural and federated Revit models with Structural models and working with other engineering disciplines as well. Structural models require unique coordination to ensure clear scope of elements in the model and we have extensive experience setting this up for a variety of project typologies and standards for different client needs.

Template Management (READ MORE)

We can create, update, and implement existing or new BIM project templates to get your projects started off right. These include view templates, units, standards, and other aspects of the Revit environment. This simplifies maintaining uniformity across sheet sets and sheet organization for the project.

Sheet Organization (READ MORE)

We always make sure that our models and our deliverables are as organized as possible. Maintaining a healthy model and organized means of production is key to any project documentation. For more advanced projects we pay specific attention to the organization of our sheets ensuring that every drawing is accounted for.