BIM continues to grow in importance for the AEC industry.

VA+ BIM modeling
VA+ can help you take full advantage of BIM. (READ MORE)

Design and construction teams with their clients are experiencing and expect more sophisticated BIM deliverables every day.  As expectations increase so does the variety and complexity of the software to support the desired outcomes.

VA+ can help your design team stay focused on what’s important by helping with your BIM needs.
We are able to provide expert Building Information Modeling (BIM) staffing that can integrate with your team as a natural extension of your team rather than a distant outsourcing consultant that wastes your time and frustrates your efforts.  We are focused on meshing with your team and providing modeling that produces high quality deliverables and allows you to understand your design using the full potential of BIM.

VA+ are experts in BIM and QA/QC. We also understand design teams. We use these understandings to deliver high quality results. (READ MORE)

Upholding proper visual and functional standards is critical to any design production exercise. VA+ has a high level of UNDERSTANDING regarding graphic STANDARDS for production drawings, as well as modeling standards which help to create a clean and organized model, which is highly EFFICIENT and UNDERSTANDABLE for design teams.

We are knowledgeable with CODE STANDARDS in many different regions of the world and we use this knowledge to assist your designers by being aware and communicating inconsistencies or obvious problems while remaining focused on our role(s) within your team. VA+ works alongside each of our clients and adapts our graphic standards and workflows to match our clients’, ensuring a quality result.

VA+ often institutes QUALITY ASSURANCE measures such as workflows and graphic or modeling standards.   We closely coordinated with our clients’ design teams. Our staff is able to help teams meet rigorous QUALITY CONTROL standards.