VA+ has the ability to create custom families, detail components, Dynamo scripts and add-ins for your team’s unique needs.

VA+ Custom Solutions
We are experts in creating custom solutions and environments for designers and BIM teams that will help unlock your full potential. (READ MORE)

Frequent Custom Solutions:

  • Custom families
  • Detail components
  • Dynamo Scripts
  • Add-ins

In addition to Generative Design, we use Dynamo to bridge external data into Revit, accelerate family-naming and coding compliance to project standards and other tasks to bridge, update and batch format BIM data at scale.

  • Alternate IDs, Maintenance codes, Standards changes
  • Mining content to Excel
  • Circumventing schedule limitations
  • QA/QC Views using parameters or complex formulas

Our knowledge of Add-ins and Add-in workflows are cutting edge and here to help your BIM teams now by featuring:

  • Revit-centric development in .Net using C#
  • Connecting Revit to external data sources and custom dashboards
  • Dynamo nodes using DesignScript, C# and Python
  • Conversion services to bring your existing VB.Net source code for Revit add-ins or macros into C#
  • Conversion and Upgrade services for your firm’s existing Revit Add-Ins. We can fix the source code of your older C# add-ins left behind by Revit updates by updating them to work with newer versions of the Revit API

Our “kit of parts” includes:

  • Wall Tools, Fire-rating visualization, and dimensioning
  • Element geometry and location methods with error correction and fault-tolerance surpassing Dynamo (It can find the location points of elements that Dynamo is not able to)
  • “System Abstraction Layer” – utilizing Revit’s various Systems modeling functionalities for MEP and Assemblies to drive the modeling of other things of different categories. For instance: using Revit’s Circuits to represent an interactive graph theory representation of room/door-hierarchies and paths
  • Exterior Reference Finding – Finds the outside of the building
  • View and Sheet creation/set up/placement
  • Scope Box access and analysis
  • Room/Door data and geometry access
  • Parameter and ES Extensible Storage data formatting, storage, and staging
  • Family file access and handling
  • And much more
Renumber rooms and doors like a pro with VA+'s Room & Door Renumbering solution (READ MORE)

Create logical, branching paths to propagate numbering changes to rooms and doors. Create project-specific numbering and labeling rules to meet your project’s standards using custom label schemes with components for levels, zones, types, and sub-rooms. We can even make it possible to support alternate, coexisting room numbering schemes within the same project. Our tools enable management of large projects with hundreds of rooms and doors without daunting amounts of manual updating of individual room data, giving you the freedom to implement sweeping changes to the entire project with our scalable solution.

  • Room numbering that behaves more like a system in Revit.
  • Room-to-sub-room numbering propagation.
  • Room-to-door numbering propagation.
  • Support for room categorization and hierarchies


  • Automated room categorization option using root compartment path analysis: A room can be categorized automatically based on how directly it connects to corridors, and to the exterior of the building.
  • User-defined room categorization allows the user to define corridors to guide automatic categorization, override any categorizations, or disable automatic categorization for maximum flexibility.
  • View room networks with a Graph Theory-based analysis display.
Manage elevators in Revit like a system instead of a disparate collection of parts with VA+'s ELEVATOR MANAGER (READ MORE)

ELEVATOR MANAGER allows teams to manage and update elevator cab graphics across multiple plan levels all at once from an easy-to-use interface that can specify level access, labeling characteristics, system naming, Pits/Overruns, and spans for each system. This tool can be extended to perform similar propagation and management operations on other families as well.

Need to make complex ramps quickly? Use VA+'s RAMP GENERATOR! (READ MORE)

Our ramp generating tool uses Dynamo and simple inputs from outlines, creating a ramp at designated slope consistent across the inside of the curve, minimizing cross-slope to evaluate options and develop parking ramp designs.

We can also import 3D model assets such as Rhino and Grasshopper content and implement parametric design and generative design using Dynamo.

  • Importing enclosure elements, canopies, ramps, and other features from Rhino using multiple interoperability tools and workflows
  • Generating data-driven surfaces and Revit content
  • Model checking and content validation
  • Script repair and overhaul; we can help fix your scripts and guide you to computational design solutions that fit your need.

VA+ is always pushing the envelope! Our STAIR ENGINE is currently in development. (READ MORE)

Stair Engine is a tool in development for evaluating and generating stair designs of various footprints and configurations (including scissors stairs). It uses machine learning and a topological solver to explore and evaluate the fitting conditions for stairs in a stairwell.

  • Machine Learning – Stair Engine uses Bayesian and Gaussian Classifier libraries in its processes to determine which parameters to use in recursive solving of complex continuity situations.
  • Pipelined Architecture – Stair Engine moves the most intensive computation work out of Revit’s sandbox and into a truly multithreaded environment, so it can better utilize system resources and be extended to work with software other than Revit in the future.
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Custom Add-Ins & Services

We can develop custom Revit Tools to meet your needs using our extensive C# toolkits and libraries, unlocking the potential of the Revit API for your projects.